Why Are Bongs Considered To Be So Expensive?


The quick answer: You get what you pay for and some people just can’t pay for what they want!

The long answer: Some people don’t have the right mindset when it comes to buying new smoking paraphernalia. Budget-wary pinch pennies view buying a bong much in the same way as they would shop around the supermarket. These cheapskates are the kinds of people you see who pick up two ready meals, one from an exclusive range made from fresh, organic ingredients, and one that comes from a basic range made from… horse, dog, sawdust, who knows? And they put the delicious meal back opting for something that you wouldn’t even feed your dog, just because it works out slightly cheaper. Some people can’t help being like this, but for the one’s who choose to live their life this way, how do you do it? Life is too short to opt for cheaper alternatives!

Bongs aren’t ‘just a purchase’, they’re an investment.


Yes, glass bongs cost more than a packet of tobacco, some papers and some roach. Yes, glass bongs will most likely cost more than a plastic one, and yes, some can even cost more than a second-hand car, but the difference in price is there for a reason. With a glass bong, you’re getting durability, and a stronger, cleaner, cooler, tastier smoke.

Let’s put it this way. If you had the money, you would always try and buy a brand spanking new iPhone, yes? Why? Because (a) Apple are considered specialists in their industry because (b) they design and make high quality, long-lasting, easy to use, functional phones that (c) look stunning. Yes, a brand new iPhone may cost you a small fortune, but because you consider it to be an investment rather than a petty purchase, because (a) you think this item is going to drastically change your life for the better and (b) you know it’s going to keep on working for years to come, it doesn’t bother you about how much it cost. It’s the same with glass bongs.

Buying what’s deemed to be an ‘expensive’ bong (and what is expensive? $10? $100? $1000? Who knows, it’s different to everyone!) from a reputable brand will mean that (a) you’re buying from a specialist, (b) you are going to get a high quality, long-lasting, easy to use smoking device which (c) looks like a work of art, and (d) it will drastically change your life for the better because (e) a top-quality glass bong will continue to give you a fast-acting, potent high for, well, ever, basically, unless there’s an accident and it gets smashed.

Upgrade your mindset and consider buying a bong not as you would a brand of razorblades or hair products, but as you would an iPhone or Mercedes-Benz.

To get a bong which works well and lasts a long time, you really need to go upmarket


In retail, there is a high-end market for everything, and the same goes with glass water pipes. ROOR, a glass company based in Germany could easily be deemed as being the Rolex of the bong world, and they got that reputation from supplying smoking enthusiasts for years with some of the world’s most durable and effective glass paraphernalia. If you want a bong which works and works well for a long time, you should feel happy enough to pay that little bit extra to buy it from ROOR, because you know the quality is going to be incredibly high. Independent glassblowers and artisan craftspeople can also produce amazingly effective and function top-notch water pipes, and the reason why you’d pay extra for one of those creations is because they’re so unique. Remember, a person has toiled for hours making that bong, they’ve poured their heart, soul and passion for the 420 lifestyles into making it. You wouldn’t just offer them a couple of dollars for their work, would you?

In the end, many people consider glass bongs to be so expensive for several reasons:

  • They don’t realize what they’re getting for their money
  • They’re not in the right mindset, they don’t see buying a bong as an investment
  • They may have only found the most expensive glass bongs in the world and think that that’s the only selection to choose from, which isn’t the case
  • They might not be aware that bongs considered cheaper will, at some point break, which will cost them more, in the long run, every time they need to purchase a replacement water pipe – they could have saved so much money if they had just spent that little bit more on a better bong in the first place
  • They just get mardy and upset when they can’t afford what they really want

Don’t let price put you off a brand new, high quality bong. If you can’t afford the piece you want right away, save up until you can. We know it’s annoying and tedious having to wait, but trust us, it’ll definitely be worth it. Just picture yourself using your stunning new piece and getting the most incredibly smooth, clean and tastiest highs you’ll ever have, for years to come.

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