Top 3 Best Grav Labs Bongs


Austin, Texas will be our focus today, as we take a closer look at the three pieces from the wizards at Grav Labs that we feel are the real gems of their range. We have reviewed a number of Grav designs in recent weeks, and they always seem to perform very well. From simple bubblers, to complex forms with multiple chambers, glycerine cooling and intricate percolation systems, Grav Labs products consistently achieve top marks in our own, and other reviews. We are in no doubt that because of Grav’s commitment to quality materials, they have become one of the leading manufacturers in their field.

The first, and smallest, piece we will introduce you to today is the 5.5″ Mini Snorkel Rig.


Uniquely, what you get with a Snorkel rig, is vapor that travels up and away from the nail, rather than the usual ‘down and around’ action you may be used to. Don’t panic though, Grav have you covered. The Snorkel refers to the flared glass appendage directly above the nail, and this captures the vapor as it leaves the nail and draws it, via a 10mm male glass joint, down and through a five hole perc. This diffuses the vapor through the water, and out through the curved neck to your eagerly awaiting lungs. Aside from the novelty of the snorkel, this little rig is a delight to use. Hits are flavorful and incredibly smooth from such a small piece, and we never found water reaching the mouthpiece at any time.


The next on our list is the Honeycomb Puck Buoy Base Rig.



Slightly larger than the Snorkel at 7″, this is a pure dab rig with a fixed glass dome and nail, complete with a honeycomb perc for vapor diffusion. We liked the example with the diffused downstem, it seems to glow. The curved neck means it is easy to use the rig with a dabber in one hand, and a torch in the other. It can sit hands-free on the table, and the honeycomb perc makes sure that as much of the precious vapor as possible is in contact with the cooling water. This rig comes highly recommended for the devoted dabhead.


Finally we have our largest piece, the Tree Perc Helix Upright Bubbler with Detachable Neck.



Another fantastic table top piece from Gra,v and we’re sure you’ll agree that this one is a real looker. A huge flat base stabilizes the bubbler which boasts a 10 arm inverted tree perc, a conical bowled herb attachment, AND a choice of either a straight or HELIX neck. The HELIX range is unique to Grav, they use tiny jets of external air, drawn down into the pipe, to create a swirling vortex of smoke to cool it further. The tree perc combined with the HELIX neck results in a very smooth and enjoyable draw, even on the largest of bowls. All these things combined really sets this pipe apart from similar sized rigs.


These are only three water-pipes from the huge range that Grav have, so keep checking back for more reviews and updates.

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