The Top 5 Highest Rated Bong Brands


As the legal market for marijuana, along with its various accessories, has expanded over the years, (due to the gradual introduction of logic and sanity into the legal codes of various countries), certain manufacturers have come to the forefront in this field. We will look at five of these companies, all specialists in the design and manufacture of glass smoking and dabbing equipment. Each has a different background and something different to offer the demanding, modern cannabis consumer.


  1. Ehle




The oldest of our five manufacturers, EHLE was founded by Gunther Ehle in 1949 in Limburg, Germany, and quickly expanded to become one of the biggest employers in the region. The company was taken over by Gunther’s son, Thomas, in 1988. Now Ehle produces some of the most popular glass water-pipes around. Both custom and off-the-shelf models are available, in a huge range of sizes and shapes.


  1. Grace Glass



Grace have been putting out some of the most complex smoking pieces available since they began in Amsterdam in 2010. With a wealth of glass paraphernalia experience behind them, the team at Grace pride themselves at being able to offer the latest ideas in water based smoking at prices within the reach of most people. A range of more than 300 products makes them one of the up and coming players in Europe.


  1. Illadelph




A name synonymous with the most exclusive vapor vessels ever produced, Illadelph has been at the forefront of borosilicate development since they exploded out of Philly in 2002. With four figure price tags and looks out of the blingingest hip hop videos, their pieces aren’t just pretty faces, they’re some of the most radical and recent advances in pipe technology. If only the best will do, it has to be Illadelph.


  1. ROOR



Undoubtedly one of the best known names in bongs, the ROOR logo has graced well used glass around the world for over 20 years. With four High Times Cup wins to their credit, and legends such as Howard Marks among their fans, it;s no surprise that ROOR continue to impress with their innovation and commitment to quality. From ash catchers to vapor rigs, they offer a vast selection of smoking accessories, they even make purpose designed protective bong bags!


  1. Grav Labs



From humble beginnings, with a single product, The Gravitron, Grav have expanded and experimented their way to become one of the top water-pipe and bubbler makers in the world. Their modular STAX range gives water-pipe users an unprecedented degree of choice and interchangeability in cooling, filtration and mouthpieces. Grav are pushing the boundaries of glass technology like few others.

Well that’s it for our roundup of the Top 5 Bong Brands. Next we will examine the entire Grav Labs range and select our choices for the Top 3 Grav Labs Bongs, so be sure to be check back soon to see what wonders Grav have to offer.

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