How to Find Your Perfect Bong


If you’re on the look out for a new bong how can you be sure that your new piece is going to be the perfect piece? How can you make sure that your new water pipe isn’t just going to be all mouth and no trousers? I mean, without even considering all of the innovative, fancy-pants, new-fandangle bubblers, chillums and steam rollers, the choice of bongs is enormous. You’ve got your glass, acrylic, wooden, and ceramic pipes, and each of these materials have their own strengths and weaknesses. Now-a-days, you can use bongs wherever and whenever you want, granted, sometimes in less than savory circumstances, so you’ve got to consider things like design, quality and portability. But in the end, buying a bong, no matter how simple or complex, or how understated or overdramatic it is, it’s ultimately a matter of personal choice. Below you’ll find a list of five questions we think every bong shopper needs to ask themselves before purchasing their new rig, and hopefully this will help browsing for your perfect bong become that little bit easier.

1) What will the bong be used for?

Now-a-days, bong joints can be interchangeable, so even if you buy the water-pipe with the intention of using it to smoke concentrates, you can still buy a flower bowl for it. Sweet! However, if you’re a concentrate connoisseur, then maybe you should focus on buying a bong that has been designed for that sole purpose in mind. That way, you know you’re going to get the best out of your BHO.

2) What type of environment will you use the bong in?

Nine times out of ten, you’re gonna want to use your bong in the privacy of your own home. Sometimes you might take it over to a friends house, you might even use it in the back of your car, and on occasion, you might even take it camping, or to a festival, so consider whereabouts your bong is going to take primary residence. After all, there’s no point in buying a small, portable pipe if you only use it outside once a year, if you plan to spend the majority of your time using it sat on your sofa, or lounging in bed. Same as if you’re wanting to buy a large, durable bong for your living room, which you plan to rest on your coffee table, you don’t want one that’s either too tall, or far too short. Like Goldilocks, you’ve got to consider what’s just the right size for you. So take a look at where you’re most likely to toke, and work out your best bong size from there.


3) How often are you going to use it?

If you’re a seasoned stoner veteran, you’re more likely to use your bong every day, even every hour, unlike an Average Joe stoner who smokes once or twice every week. So you should consider a pipe that is renowned for quality and longevity. The best brands in our mind are ROOR and Grav Labs.

4) Is it a personal piece or a puff, puff, pass piece?

Let’s be honest, people take care of their own stuff, better than they do someone elses. So unless you’re accident prone, a personal bong can be a bit more delicate than one you’re likely to pass around a Stoner Circle. Another thing to consider, along side how many users your new pipe is going to receive, you should also work out what type of material is best for your situation. Glass, bamboo and ceramic bongs are perfect for the loner stoner, they’re durable, stylish and don’t need to be too strong. Plastic bongs on the other hand are the most affordable AND the most durable, and won’t break the bank if they need replacing.


5) How often are you going to clean it?

Some of the stoner stereotypes are true. Many of us can be quite lazy when it comes to bong hygiene. So when you’re buying a bong, consider how often you’re going to clean it. The simpler the bong is, the less time will be consumed making it clean and shiny again. A straight pipe or simple beaker bong are going to be much easier to handle than one with a double or triple perc showerhead.

Once you’ve considered these five questions, it’s also important to make sure that you’re completely comfortable with what you’re about to purchase. Our advice? Unless you’re replacing your stunningly beautiful and equally complicated double hammerhead perc recycler, a simple bong is always going to be better. You can’t go wrong with a simple bong. A straight pipe is effective, you’re more than likely able to fill the entire chamber with smoke and clear it in one hit, and because the glass doesn’t change diameter along the length of the chamber, draws are easy to clear. Just make sure the mouthpiece isn’t too big, otherwise it’ll inhibit your hit. In the end, findng your perfect bong is down to personal choice and backing that up with making sure you’re 100 per cent comfortable holding and using the piece before you buy it.



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