Glass Water Pipes (Bongs) vs Vaporizers


Glass Water Pipes vs Vaporizers

Almost every stoner has an opinion on this matter. What’s better? The bong, or the vaporizer? It’s an age-old question that’s been discussed around Stoner Circles, ever since the early 90s, when ‘Eagle’ Bill Amato, created the first, glass-on-glass vaporizer. But it’s like asking a stoner which is better, McDonald’s or Burger King?

Well, that depends really. It depends on whether you’d like to go 12 rounds, toe-to-toe with a piece before being given a knock-out blow, or whether you’d like to get knocked flat on your ass in the first couple of rounds. It also depends on your own personal tastes, what you grew up with using, which you find easier to handle, and which you can afford. Each device has its own pros and cons when it comes to getting your hit, and I highly doubt that we’ll ever see a unanimous decision on which piece is truly the cream of the crop. However, I think you’ll find that we’ve made our decision. Carry on reading below to see which of these heavyweights is our toking device of choice!

Round 1 – For when you need to know you’ve toked – Winner: The Bong

Bongs are brilliant for when you need to feel like you’ve had a hit. Using a bong when you need a good, strong smoke, is like needing an alcoholic beverage and pouring yourself a shot of whisky. You know you’ve had a good dram when you feel the warmth in your throat, and it’s the same for water pipes. For some veteran stoners, the sensation of heavy smoke hitting their lungs might be something they’ve grown accustomed to over the years, so when it comes to taking a hit from a vaporizer, it can feel like you’ve inhaled nothing at all, which in some people’s opinions, is besides the point.



Round 2 – For the health conscious cannabis connaisseur – Winner: The Vaporizer

Vaporizers are better for a stoner’s lungs, period. Bongs can cause all manner of illnesses from bronchitis and emphysema, and because they’re such a faff to clean sometimes, it doesn’t bare thinking about what nastiness is lying in wait in the bottom of that bong water, or in that sticky resin you let keep building up.

Round 3 – Getting the maximum high – Winner: The Vaporizer

Vaporizers now-a-days are like pieces of equipment that you’d expect to find on an alien spaceship. The technology used in making them has evolved so much in the last decade that these types of rig are now the most, super-efficient mechanisms for getting high. That’s because vaporizers operate at the absolute optimum temperature needed to activate the cannabinoids in marijuana, without releasing any unnecessary smoke. Cannabinoids are the wonderful things we stoners need to have a good high, so it’s great to learn that the smoke you inhale from a vaporizer, regardless of whether you feel anything reaching your lungs or not, is 95 per cent cannabinoid. Compare this to the same amount of weed used in a water pipe, (which is only 12 per cent cannabinoid!), you’re laughing. Or sleeping, depending on which strain of weed you’re smoking.

Round 4 – Getting the most out of your marijuana – Winner: The Vaporizer

As well as minimizing the harmful effects of marijuana smoke, vaporizers manage to use the smallest amounts of bud to give you a good, strong high, compared to bongs. In a bong, you gotta smoke for a while to get the same hit as you would from one toke on a vaporizer and that’s because vaporizers use just the right amount of heat to activate the cannabinoids within the plant material, and therefore, less marijuana is required when it comes to delivering you a substantially better high.

Round 5 – The type of high – Winner: The Vaporizer

Bong users often moan about having a hazy feeling in their high, but when you vape, you get a sense of clarity. Many users even report feeling more creative on the vaporizer high, compared to the “I wanna sit down and chill out” high you get from water pipes.



In the end, it’s pretty clear that we’ve favored on the side of the vaporizer. Whilst we still think bongs are a classic stoner mechanism for toking, and one that’s the best to share with friends, the vaporizer is the key that everyone should have to unlocking hitherto unknown buzzes. If using a vaporizer is healthier for you, if it lets you get the most of your smallest flowers, and if you get a better high, then surely, the Vaporizer is the heavyweight you want to back.

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